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We are hoping that 105theHive will be accessible to as many classrooms and educators as possible!
Here are a number of ways you can connect to the 105theHive radio stream:

1. This HTML5 media player will work  on Safari or iOS Mobile Safari.
See it? Click the play button!
105theHive #radio4learning

2. This media player will work on your iOS web browser (also desktop Safari). An added bonus is that it lets you re-direct the audio from a mobile device over WiFi using Airplay to speakers connected to an Airport Express or Apple TV, etc.

3. This media player works in web-browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE, that support Flash. You must have Flash installed and enabled for this player to work.

4. Try clicking this direct link: to open our stream in iTunes on your computer.

largeVLC 5. Download and install  the free, open-source, cross-platform media player VLC, available for Windows, MAC OS X, GNU/Linux, and a host of other systems. 
Use our broadcast URL:

6. You can the following links for various media players that you may have on your computer:
At least one of them should open the stream for you.
a. Winamp Winamp Media Player
b. windows Media Player Windows Media Player
c. Real Player Real Player
d. QuickTime Quicktime Player

TuneIn Radio LOGO 7. On a mobile device, use the free TuneIn Radio mobile app
available for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm.
We are searchable at 105theHive in the TuneIn Radio station directory.   Add us to your favourites.

FStream Mobile LOGO 8. On an iOS device, use the free iOS FStream app  — create a Favourite for 105theHive
URL:   and use Encoding:  UTF8

FStream for Mac OS X 9. On a Mac, you may like to use the Max OS X FStream application to listen. It also can serve as a great way to record a 105theHive program that you are listening to.
Create a new entry in the Stream Manager for our

Please let us know if you encounter another player/app/listening option that provides for an easy way to connect to our stream or if it offers some useful functionality.

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