About 105theHive

Inspired and supported by the ds106 community, 105theHive has been casting its voice over the Internet since February, 2012.

Seeking to provide students with a motivating opportunity to develop comfort sharing their voices, 105theHive was launched from a couple of computers following a few weekends worth of Skype calls. After arranging for a streaming radio service and establishing a web domain, the first broadcast was made from Heather Durnin’s Grade 7/8 class at Turnberry Central Public School on February 28, 2012.

We are grateful for the initial funding received from Foundation for Education Perth Huron.
Clarence Fisher, Heather Durnin, and Andrew Forgrave

Clarence Fisher, @glassbeed on Twitter Heather Durnin, @hdurnin on Twitter Andrew Forgrave, @aforgrave on Twitter
@glassbeed @hdurnin @aforgrave


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#105theHive Student Radio: A New Learning Space, by Heather Durnin
• Finding a Voice on the Radio, by Andrew Forgrave

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