First Broadcasts Live from Turnberry Central P.S.

With the entire school tuning in, the Gr. 7/8 class took control of the stream Feb. 28 as they began the first of many student broadcasts on 105thehive. As the twitter stream ran on the board, students experienced the thrill of being joined by a global audience. Following their first three broadcasts where they showcased their music projects, students presented live shows based on their studies in science, interviewed local radio hosts and a veterinarian, during a live War of 1812 re-enactment on a farm in Tillsonburg, ON, and guided their Gr. 1 schoolmates.

Turnberry Central closed its doors this past June, so it was fitting our last show featured students sharing their favourite memories at Turnberry. This fall the gr. 7/8 students will join the student body at F.E. Madill where we’ll continue to broadcast, providing opportunities for a new group of emerging radio hosts. Hope you’ll tune in. Better yet, bring your students into this learning space.


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